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Ali Bragin

Gintama Movie 1 Eng Sub [CRACKED] Download

Gintama lovers have been blessed with 367 episodes full of comedy, which include four anime seasons and six sequel seasons. It has also received three movies, an OVA series and several specials.

Gintama Movie 1 Eng Sub Download

Despite its popularity, Gintama is a difficult anime to find on streaming websites. Crunchyroll has six of the installments, but not the last one. Thus, you will find all the episodes minus the last 26, and the movies. The Gintama specials and OVAs are also not available to stream anywhere.

The company collaborated with a popular manga Gintama to mark the release of its movie, set to hit theaters on July 6th, and the t-shirt went on sale online for a limited time of less than a week. The shirts have famous quotes from the manga characters, and cost 4,200 yen each (or about $42).

In order to play with the t-shirt, you need to download a dedicated app which will be released on July 5th. Users can take photos of the pop-out designs and share them with friends on different social networks. The app will be available for both iOS and Android.


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