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Kawasaki Barako 175 Service Manual [PORTABLE]

of course, if you wish to remove the oil filter, you will have to remove the oil pan to get access to the oil drain plug. the drain plug is the round, screw type with the round plug facing down into the oil pan. remove the plug and screw it out. you may have to turn it to remove it, depending on how tight it has become, or insert a long needle into the plug and turn it out with the needle. there may be a vacuum in the filter area, so make sure you have a good airtight cover for the area where the oil filter is located.

kawasaki barako 175 service manual

notice that the on-board computer system is also equipped with a smoke sensor, a wheel speed sensor and a light sensor. for this reason, it is recommended to make sure the car is out of gear and well off the road before performing a smoke test.

read the information in the manual and then do exactly as it suggests. for instance, if it tells you to change your oil filter, then you have to change it. you won't get any better service from the repair facility if you ignore the instructions in your manual.

the model name and engine displacement are located on the side of the engine, while the manufacturer name and serial number are located on the frame. the manufacturer name can also be found in two places: in the instruction manual, and on the back of the frame. the manufacturer's name is written at the top of the instruction manual.

a typical manual decompressor system uses a cable or lever to release the exhaust valve or rocker arm after exhaust pressure has ceased. this free play must be maintained within specification. check the free play at tdc, or as otherwise indicated by the service manual. adjust the free play as needed.


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