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The Sex Lives Of College Girls Season 1

The Sex Lives of College Girls season 2 has lost some characters from the first season, but the impact of the departures could be seen as a positive. Season 1 focused on Bela, Kimberly, Leighton, and Whitney as they navigated life at Essex college, but other than those core four characters the next biggest one was Nico. His relationship with Kimberly was a major storyline, as was him being Leighton's brother. Along with Nico being gone, Alicia has also not been in season 2 after a heartbreaking breakup with Leighton, but she could still return in the future.

The Sex Lives of College Girls Season 1

With The Sex Lives of College Girls' recent return, the show has managed to make up for the lack of Nico and Alicia. This is partially due to the fact that, despite the name of the show, the friendships among the four main characters are much more important than their romantic relationships or sex lives. In addition, the supporting cast does a very good job making up for Nico and Alicia missing. With the amount of heart that The Sex Lives of College Girls uses to explore life at college and growing up, missing characters should not have a negative effect on the show moving forward.

Kimberly, Bela, Whitney, and Leighton have lots of differences but their friendships with each other have continued to grow throughout The Sex Lives of College Girls' runtime. This leads to some very impactful moments when the show handles some of the more serious topics. For example, Leighton coming out to Kimberly is one of the most touching moments of the show, and Leighton's journey has cemented the show as one of the best LGBTQ+ shows on HBO Max. Later on, Leighton is supportive of Kimberly by accompanying her as she sells her eggs to afford college tuition. Lots of the show is spent following one of the characters individually, but it always makes sure to bring things back to the group. They're always filling each other in on what is going on in their lives. The romantic and sexual relationships they engage in have all been temporary thus far, but as long as the four roommates stick together the show will continue to thrive.

HBO has a number of shows that portray life for young people, but unlike future seasons of Euphoria or another show that is very serious, The Sex Lives of College Girls continues to provide addicting fun. The four main characters are the heart of the show and the way that college life is explored will continue to be charming for many seasons. Romantic relationships will probably play a major role in potential future seasons, but The Sex Lives of College Girls will always be charming as long as the leads stick together.

Leighton starts college closeted because she doesn't like the concept of coming out and having her sexuality define her. In the season one finale, during a heartfelt scene, she reveals to Kimberly that she's gay.

Pauline Chalamet, Reneé Rapp, Amrit Kaur and Alyah Chanelle Scott star in the HBO Max series, playing college roommates Kimberly, Leighton, Bela and Whitney, respectively. The Sex Lives of College Girls, which premiered its 10-episode season 1 in November 2021, was co-created by Mindy Kaling and Justin Noble.

"I think Bela might be ready to enter into a relationship," Noble explained to EW in September 2022. "Bela is a stand-in for a lot of people in their college experience, which is that she doesn't really know what she wants. And I think depending on the day of the week, she might think that she's ready to be in a relationship with someone, or she might still be in that flavor-of-the-week fun party vibe where she just wants to meet new people all the time and not be pinned down. That's a journey that we could see Bela going through this season, kind of figuring out, where is she at? Is she ready to date for the first time in her life probably?"

HBO Max dropped the official trailer for The Sex Life of College Girls season 2 in October 2022, one month before its premiere. In the clip, Kimberly, Whitney, Bela and Leighton have returned to Essex after Thanksgiving break as they continue to deal with the ups and downs of college life.

Of course, the show is called The Sex Lives of College Girls. Understandably, Nico is not the only person at Essex College the girls -- let alone Kimberly -- will be interested in as the season progresses. While it's beneficial to invest in romance, Season 1 solidifies that Nico and Kimberly are not the best match. Instead, a new potential love interest, Jackson, relocates to Essex College after a tornado destroyed his dorm in Kansas. He already has great chemistry with Kimberly, and he helps Bela pull off a fundraiser that also benefits the Thetas.

The show uses Nico's absence to spearhead an entirely new story about Bela, Leighton, Kimberly and Whitney trying to get into the fraternities' -- specifically Theta's -- good graces after the cheating scandal endangered Theta's charter. It's about the girls getting back into parties and maintaining their social and sexual lives. Nico is only a distant memory. The girls and guys work together to prove the Thetas can be good guys who care about a good cause. 041b061a72


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